Palestine: History of a Colonisation (1973-2008)

Roberto Fanjul y Gabriel ZadunaiskyFirst Spanish Edition: Revista de América, No 12, December 1973Second Spanish Edition: Ediciones El Socialista, June 2008First English Edition: Ediciones El Socialista, October 2013Second English Edition: CEHuS, July 2019Cover Design: Juan Viera, Daniel IglesiasInterior Design: Daniel IglesiasInternational Workers Unity – Fourth International (IWI-FI) Foreword to the […]

Biographical Outline (1988)

INDEX The legacy of Nahuel Moreno remains aliveChapter I. An heir of TrotskyTo be a trotskyst todayChapter II. The beginningsChapter III. Within the working classChapter IV. The impact of the world revolutionChapter V. Palabra ObreraChapter VI. Under the sign of the Cuban revolutionThe lesson of PeruThe acknowledgement of Hugo BlancoChapter […]