Roberto Fanjul y Gabriel Zadunaisky
First Spanish Edition: Revista de América, No 12, December 1973
Second Spanish Edition: Ediciones El Socialista, June 2008
First English Edition: Ediciones El Socialista, October 2013
Second English Edition: CEHuS, July 2019
Cover Design: Juan Viera, Daniel Iglesias
Interior Design: Daniel Iglesias
International Workers Unity – Fourth International (IWI-FI)

Foreword to the 2019 English Edition

In 1973, the world silenced the resistance of the Palestinian people to the genocide and eviction from their lands perpetrated by the invasion of their lands by Zionism. Imperialism and much of the left defined the invaders as “an oppressed people fighting for their liberation”. The victims, the Palestinian people, and their Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) were ignored and their struggle slandered as “relentless terrorist actions”.

Roberto Fanjul and Gabriel Zadunaisky (both members of the PST and part of the magazine editorial staff) published in Revista de América No 12, December 1973, an extensive and meticulously researched article. Their investigation showed the true role of victimizers of the Zionist movement and imperialism that invaded and occupied Palestinian lands and evicted their people. At the same time, it showed the legitimate Palestinian resistance, led by PLO, and a political/programmatic proposal of solidarity with its struggle.

Ediciones El Socialista published a second Spanish edition in 2008 when it reissued it on paper with the title Palestine: History of a colonisation. The first English edition, based on the 2008 Spanish edition, was published in 2013 and it included three short texts by Nahuel Moreno on the same subject (these and other writings by the same author can be found at and .also a fragment of an open letter from the MAS to Partido Obrero (Workers Party) in 1984 criticising its positions of capitulation to Zionism.

We now publish a Second English edition with improved translation. Also, we now had access to English originals of many documents, including Maxime Rodinson, Israel, a Colonial-Settler State?; Nahum Sokolow, History of Zionism; Fawwaz Traboulsi, The Palestine Problem: Zionism and Imperialism in the Middle East, Jon Rothschild, How the Arabs Were driven out of Palestine, Tony Cliff, Middle East at the Crossroads; Peter Buch, Burning Issues of the Mid-East Crisis; Michael Bar-Zohar, The Armed Prophet: A Biography of Ben Gurion. Thus, we have quoted from these documents rather than translating from the Spanish edition to English.

The Editors

July 2019

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