Nahuel Moreno wrote the theses we present today in order to serve as a basis to develop the program of the Fourth International – International Committee (CI-CI), organization created in 1980 as a merger of the current led by Nahuel Moreno — at that time called Bolshevik Faction (FB) — with the Committee for the Reconstruction of the Fourth International (CORCI) headed by Pierre Lambert. This first draft was never corrected or reworked, since these theses became a common text resulting from the discussion with Lambertism, this text was called Thesis Project for the Reorganisation (Reconstruction) of the Fourth International (Correspondencia Internacional –La Verdad, Bogota, January 1981). It was in the thesis we publish today that Moreno first exhibited in a comprehensive and systematic way the changes he thought should be made to the two pillars of the Trotskyist conception: The Theory of Permanent Revolution and The Transitional Program.

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