Palestine: History of a Colonisation

Foreword to the 2019 English Edition In 1973, the world silenced the resistance of the Palestinian people to the genocide and eviction from their lands perpetrated by the invasion of their lands by Zionism. Imperialism and much of the left defined the invaders as “an oppressed people fighting for their […]

Palestine: History of a Colonisation (1973-2008)

Roberto Fanjul y Gabriel ZadunaiskyFirst Spanish Edition: Revista de América, No 12, December 1973Second Spanish Edition: Ediciones El Socialista, June 2008First English Edition: Ediciones El Socialista, October 2013Second English Edition: CEHuS, July 2019Cover Design: Juan Viera, Daniel IglesiasInterior Design: Daniel IglesiasInternational Workers Unity – Fourth International (IWI-FI) Foreword to the […]

Biographical Outline (1988)

INDEX The legacy of Nahuel Moreno remains aliveChapter I. An heir of TrotskyTo be a trotskyst todayChapter II. The beginningsChapter III. Within the working classChapter IV. The impact of the world revolutionChapter V. Palabra ObreraChapter VI. Under the sign of the Cuban revolutionThe lesson of PeruThe acknowledgement of Hugo BlancoChapter […]


TO BE A TROTSKYST TODAY (1985) This is how Moreno defined the meaning of being a Trotskyist in an interview made in August1985.In general terms, it means defending the principle positions of socialism, of Marxism. In other words, the Trotskyists today are the only defenders, in my opinion, of the […]

THE PARTY (1943)

We are publishing for the first time since 1944, this foundational document of the Marxist Workers Group (GOM). Written in 1943 by a young Nahuel Moreno, barely 19 years old. Polemising against Liborio Justo (Quebracho), Moreno proposes to move away from the circles and debates of intellectuals that predominated in […]


In the 1940s, Moreno devoted himself to research the colonization of Argentina and Latin America to refine the definitions of the GOM. He produced this original and novel work on the Spanish and Portuguese conquest that rejected the definitions of the communist parties on a supposed “feudalism” in the Americas. Since […]

Latin American Theses (1948)

En este trabajo Moreno señaló el carácter semicolonial y atrasado de toda América Latina, así como su papel de productora de materias primas y escaso desarrollo industrial. Destacó el papel preponderante del imperialismo estadounidense, seguido por Inglaterra, con desigualdades en los distintos países latinoamericanos.


In the late 1940s, Nahuel Moreno expressed into two papers (“The agrarian thesis” and “The industrial thesis”) the studies he had been carrying out and discussing within the GOM —to become POR — on the structural characteristics of the country. Later on, in 1950, this elaboration continued in a polemic […]


After the Third World Congress of the Fourth International, held in August 1951, the leadership of Pablo and Mandel began to adopt increasingly revisionist positions and of capitulation to the Stalinist bureaucracy and bourgeois nationalist leaderships. Among other events, they betrayed the workers’ revolution in Bolivia in 1952 and bureaucratically […]